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Defend Your Position

Hey guys! Huge fan of the show and now a premium member of Breaking Points :) My question is will you have a segment that brings on two partisans to debate whatever the topic of the week is (healthcare reform, income inequality, how to bypass the duopoly)? It could be called “Defend Your Position” and could really help facilitate engaging discussions on substance rather than politics. Good luck to you both!

Belt and Road Initiative

At what point do you see the belt and road initiative infrastructure development plan by China becoming a mainstream political issue? It is scary how much control the Chinese government is gaining in foreign ports around the world. While we are being distracted by domestic culture war bs, they are attempting to control the worlds shipping infrastructure. Keep up the amazing work!

Live show with meet and greet

Can we get something like this sometime soon?

Family is the key to winning the greater argument

The decimation of the family unit through financial inequality, worker exploitation, defending of public education, and rising costs is at the fundamental core of the populist movement, though most don't know it. How can we better market the fight for democratic socialism as the "fight for family" it really is, in order to better reach consensus across the social spectrum?

What advice do you two have for people wanting to get into journalism/youtube?

Hey, Krystal and Saagar. Just wanted to say that I love you guys content! Also, what advice do you have for people who are interested in politics and want to get into journalism and YouTube? Do you recommend getting a degree for the field? Thank you so much and keep up the great work!