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Intro music

How is Beast by Nico Vega not your intro music yet?

Eighth grade DC trip

Krystal and Saagar, My son and I will be traveling from California to DC April 22nd to the 29th. It's for his Christian school. Is there any chance I can get a photo with hopefully both of you? Thank you! Tony

Transgender competitive swimming

Krystal, as a former competitive swimmer what is your take on the current transgender controversy in college competitions? Officials measure hormone levels as a benchmark for competition but do other physical factors (strength, body size, wingspan) affect performance? Photos seem to show marked physical differences but I'd like to have someone experienced offer an opinion on how much that affects outcome.

Alex Berenson substack mRNA

What do you think about Alex Berenson’s substack on the mRNA data from other countries? Is it accurate?

Premium Subscriber YouTube Ads

Hey guys I’m a premium subscriber and I try to watch your YouTube show over podcasts if I’m not working. Well the past few weeks every time I watch your show, with the link you send out to premium subscriber show drop email there a 4-6 ads in my YouTube feed. Anything I can do to get rid of this?