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High school students are dropping out/giving up en masse, and nobody is talking about it.

Can you guys talk about the high school dropout rate post school closures? I almost never knew anybody that would drop out when I was in H.S. (Less than a decade) but my two siblings have had so many classmates just decide they’re done. I’ve met 3 kids this week who all say they dropped out this year, my brother is struggling too. The way Covid hurt this generation still isn’t fully understood but this is not getting discussed and I’m terrified of what it means for the younger generation going forward if a significantly higher percentage of kids don’t get a HS diploma. Is this just anecdotal? Is it a trend? For the kids that do graduate, what aren't they getting that pre-covid HS graduates did get? Teachers say they're dealing with a lot more than just this, but I think this is something worth looking into. I hope I’m wrong but it sure feels like a failed state.

Breaking Points Election Coverage

I enjoy watching live election coverage, but of course hate the spin. Do you have any plans to do live election coverage? Even something informal would be cool just to hear your live commentary.

TULSI for 2024 GOP Primary?

Given how hard she's leaned into the right of the culture war and the fact that she has (or at least once had) economic views that align with the majority of the country, could she realistically challenge the likes of Trump, DeSantis and Pence for the GOP nomination?

Krystal v. Trump

Since Saagar has gotten the chance to interview Trump before, I'm curious what question Krystal would ask him if she had the chance to ask him at least one question.

Trump's 1st Impeachment

Huge fan here! You two are some of the only people I trust, so that's why I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! So let's go back in time a little bit. I've heard both of you say that neither agreed with Trump's 1st impeachment regarding Ukraine. But my question for you guys is whether you disagreed with it because it was politically dumb for Dems to go ahead with an impeachment before an election or if you all just didn't think it was an impeachable offense. I understand why many thought it'd hurt Dems politically, but I have conflicting feelings about whether Trump committed an impeachable offense. Is using your power as President to ask the Ukrainian President to open an investigation into your political opponent while also withholding aid already appropriated by Congress, not an impeachable offense? And then releasing the aid as soon as they heard about the whistleblower? I'm asking this because when just trying to look at the facts from an unbiased perspective, it does seem Trump committed an abuse of power, and there was a quid pro quo, but I may also have some of the facts wrong. Please let me know your thoughts because my mind is not made up at all about this issue.