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Revolution Comes With an Act of Love-Church of the Cosmic Skull -Farseer Wannabe

Comment on the use of humiliation for control

I thoroughly enjoyed Saagar's excitement regarding UFO testimonies. I too have found the history interesting, because at one time some prominent and respected researchers could publically say the believed UFOs were not weather balloons. The other main subject I find interesting is interesting is the clinical use of psychedelics, also a field where researchers were ridiculed after the 1960s. Can you comment within politics, both on the left and the right where humiliation is used to silence opponents, discredit them, and ultimately destroy them

May 22 Partial Sovereignty Surrender by Biden Admin

Is there a May 22nd Partial surrender of Sovereignty by the Biden Administration to the WHO

Afghan/Iraq combat vet rebuttal to Krystal Monologue

The idea that war leads to an increase in domestic violence is something that might sound like a good explanation however it is nonsense. None of these mass violent attacks have been perpetrated by veterans or more specifically combat veterans. I can speak from experience when an individual is exposed to violence even a military member they are more likely to embrace a pacifist ideology than more violence. You referenced post Vietnam as an example of military supporting violence domestically however the only mass violent event in the 1970s I can think of that even remotely has a connection to the military would be the Kent St shooting. The perpetrators of that tragedy were national guardsmen who had joined in an attempt to avoid Vietnam. You mentioned that the Oklahoma City bombing was in the aftermath of Desert Storm however you fail to mention that Timothy McVeigh directly credits the federal government’s atrocities at Ruby Ridge and Waco as motivation for his bombing. Nothing about Iraq there. Further you nonchalantly dismiss the idea that video games are responsible. I would recommend you read ‘On Killing’ by Dave Grossman. In it he explains, and I agree, that first-person shooter video games that provide the user essentially a dopamine hit when they have the following happen: reticule, target, fire/trigger pull, target falls. That is how we train in the military and I do not think it is good for adolescents to expose themselves to that combination in excess. Lastly, you cannot point to a single mass violent event in the last 20 years that military members are responsible for but suggest that we are the reason for this. My military service brought me closer to every race of people in the United States and I would venture to say that is the case for many other veterans. I was not exposed to white nationalist ideology in 13 years in the marine corps so I find it very disrespectful and disappointing that breaking points would propagate this nonsense. I have been a premium subscriber since day one and this is the closest I’ve come to consider canceling this because it’s so intellectually dishonest. Very disappointed in the program right now.

NUCLEAR - Why No Thorium?

How long is the AMA backlog? I've been asking since March, what is your opinion on Molten Salt Reactors (particularly LFTRs - Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors)? Every time I hear you mention nuclear energy I cringe because that generic term generally supports building more of the same light water reactors we already have. That technology has not significantly changed since they were invented in the 1950’s, so regardless of redundancy improvements they are still inherently capable of blowing up, melting down, or theft of fuel to make dirty bombs. Also, reactor technology in the US still relies on enriched uranium, which is minimally efficient and has a generally unreliable geopolitical supply chain for sources outside of the US. LFTRs have none of those problems. This is the third or fourth time I have asked (I feel compelled after every episode you make a significant mention about nuclear power). YOU ARE BREAKING POINTS, why won't you cover THORIUM nuclear power? At this rate I half expect the MSM to cover this topic before y'all are even aware of this technology...