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Losing Faith in Electoral Politics

Thanks to your show, I've become acutely aware of how rigged the system is and how the incentives are stacked against even "good" politicians that get elected into office. How do you maintain enough optimism to continue to participate in electoral politics without just opting out entirely like so many voters do?

Have you thought about hosting in depth debates on policies or issues?

Are you interested in hosting substantive debates on your show or as a spin off that would have individuals from opposing sides of an issue or policy engaging in good faith debate? Perhaps even with an engagement option for your subscribers that would allow them to send in questions or comments to add to the discussion. Your format is so refreshing, especially when you constructively discuss opposing viewpoints, and seems like a great platform to advance conversations and dig deep into policy issues, especially with a goal towards having the opposing sides find areas of consensus that could actually advance policies or solutions.

Premium member, no email link Mon or Tue this week.

Not getting my premium member content link since this weekend. It was fine as if last Friday.

Thorium Nuclear and Liquid Salt Batteries

@Saagar - I want to echo a few of my fellow posters and ask: Why no mention of Thorium? It's far more abundant than uranium or plutonium, and the radioactive elements of the waste have a much faster decay life. Some LFTR designs I've seen are simpler and can't meltdown. Also, have you been following any grid level storage technologies? Liquid metal salt batteries seem particularly promising for capturing the maximum output of intermittent renewables like wind and solar, so that energy could be available when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing. Take a look at Ambri batteries, and Dr. Donald Sadoway. A mix of these technologies would solve all our energy problems for the foreseeable future. You've got a great platform and powerful voice for spreading this type of information. Please use it!

Twitter and Project Veritas

No MSM coverage of the Twitter employees recorded by Project Veritas beyond Fox. Is this not news?