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It's in The Atlantic by Johnathan Haidt. Curious to your takes on Haidt's recommendations for social media reform. Curious to your takes on Haidt's description of how misinformation is spread.

Get Low-Smooth Hound Smith

I second the motion on Thorium Nuclear and Liquid Salt Batteries. Don't know anything on the latter but the other guy sounded like he knew what he was talking about. As for thorium, I've read articles in the past that suggested it could a cleaner alternative to nuclear plants but it's rarely ever talked about. Curious as to why. -Farseer Wannabe

2000 Mules

Have you watched it? If so, what do you think? If not, why not?

hypocrisy? double standard's? just another day

I'm wondering how Americans are dealing with having to reconcile with this whole white supremacist double standard thing. How are American's getting on supporting, funding and arming ultra-nationalist neo Nazis in Ukraine that have been murdering innocent Ukrainian civilians for the last 8 years, but then condemning white supremacists when they kill innocent people in the USA? Is it a case of we support Nazis when they're killing in other countries but not in our own back yard? Is supporting neo Nazis in Ukraine sending white supremacists at home the wrong message? Aren't tragedies like the latest (as of 19/05) mass shooting in the USA more and more likely with emboldened white supremacists given USAs lucrative support for groups like azov battalion, right sector, c14 etc. Twitch streaming mass shootings is absolutely unbelievably evil but Maksim Zhorin, commander in azov battalion posting pics of the mutilated bodies of Ukrainian opposition party is ok? Do you think white supremacists in USA see all the money and weapons being sent to Nazi groups in Ukraine and think "this is our time to shine"? Just wondering

Melvin Capital to Close Funds, Return Cash to Investors

Melvin capital apparently took a bath and is returning cash to investors. The apes don't always win but when they do they take scalps apparently. Melvin Capital to Close Funds, Return Cash to Investors