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TX "Railroad" Commissioner Race

Have y'all considered commenting on the race for the Texas Railroad Commissioner seat up this year? It is absolutely bonkers what's going on. For the uninitiated the RRC is one of the most powerful regulatory bodies in the country because it manages Texas Oil & Gas, Intrastate pipelines, Energy leasing, and Mining, the implications for who has these 3 seats impacts far more than just Texans, the whole US at least really. Anyways the incumbent Wayne Christian's seat is up, who is a Gospel Singer that ran on a Pro-life platform (RRC has nothing to do with abortion). Challenging him in a GOP run off is Sarah Stogner, a self-described "unicorn lawyer" that is involved with cannabis, land owner issues in addition to energy. And who posed semi-nude on a oilfield pumpjack in a self-directed campaign ad. The original primary included a gold-plated AK-47 clad Tom Slocum Jr., who originally ran on a Pro-2A and Border Wall platform (neither related to RRC duties as well), and a few other candidates including one who unfortunately passed mere weeks before early voting. This circus has played out on #EFT Twitter channels, TikTok, and in Town hall events. Absolutely bonkers so far but very real implications, would love to hear your take someday!

PMC thinking

hello Krystal and Saagar i want to ask what the thinking of what u guys coin the pmc class (the mckinsey buttgieg types) thinking. How come people who believe so hard in empirical data, raw numbers cannot see that once working class is effective neutralized from advocating for their working and human rights that they are the next target for eliminating their jobs thru automation. It's already happening to a degree in the legal field where some legal work at law firms are now partly automated if not fully automated, this just seems like the natural next steps. Do they think they're immune to their corporate overlords are not going to try that because they've been doing their dirty work thru spreadsheets or they think they will become the corporate overlords one day. What are your thoughts Also thank you to james and the background crew for their work in making the show so well produced on a faction of a budget so called main stream media gets and look just as professional

Windsor Knots & Saagar’s Dapper

Sir Saagar, do you know how to tie a full Windsor knot for your ties? If you do how, aside from subjective reasons, do you base your decision to go half Windsor on any objective criteria?

Nuclear Power with Navy Experience

After working on a submarine's nuclear reactor where the average age of person is under 25, how do we change public and political opinion on nuclear power? Is it by pointing out that every reactor that had issues where designed with slide rules, and that we have additional decades of material science combined with desktops that are more powerful than the most advanced super computer the year Fukushima was commissioned (Cray X-MP)? We can over engineer the safety and still turn a profit in the long run while tapping the Naval Nuclear Power Program for highly trained operators.

Production Sanfus & Bloopers

Given that the show is filmed live, what have been some of the funniest bloopers or production snafus you've experienced while taping your show in one-take. Have you ever had a "brain fart" live? Hold in a big sneeze or cough? Others?