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Windsor Knots & Saagar’s Dapper

Sir Saagar, do you know how to tie a full Windsor knot for your ties? If you do how, aside from subjective reasons, do you base your decision to go half Windsor on any objective criteria?

Nuclear Power with Navy Experience

After working on a submarine's nuclear reactor where the average age of person is under 25, how do we change public and political opinion on nuclear power? Is it by pointing out that every reactor that had issues where designed with slide rules, and that we have additional decades of material science combined with desktops that are more powerful than the most advanced super computer the year Fukushima was commissioned (Cray X-MP)? We can over engineer the safety and still turn a profit in the long run while tapping the Naval Nuclear Power Program for highly trained operators.

Production Sanfus & Bloopers

Given that the show is filmed live, what have been some of the funniest bloopers or production snafus you've experienced while taping your show in one-take. Have you ever had a "brain fart" live? Hold in a big sneeze or cough? Others?

2024 candidates


Combating drought

Republicans love pipelines. Democrats love talking climate. Merge the 2 loves into a pipeline that delivers water from the Mississippi to Lake Mead?