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Came to ask about Saagar’s tie knots and see someone else just asked. Is it a four in hand knot? I like the asymmetry but you also seem to keep the overall knot thicker than my four in hand.

TUULETAR - Ievan polkka (Loituma COVER)

I recognize that there are probably hard limitations with doing this but if we knew who you planned on having on your show in advance, you might get some insightful questions from the ask me anything channel. No worries if it's not possible. Loved the Peter Zeihan interview and this week's UFO segments. -Farseer Wannabe


Saagar, thanks a ton. With all the terrible shit going on here in the U.S. and around the world, you have given me the UFO bug. My question is this: Why do we automatically assume they are a national security risk? With their advanced technology, if they do possess weaponry we would have no defense. Would it not be a better idea to try an engage peacefully? Until we know what we are dealing with it doesn't seem a good idea to potentially piss them off with some kind of dumb ass military engagement.


What does Krystal think of male contraceptives such as vasalgel? I recognize that they’re still being researched but from my point of view, it seems like a win-win for both women and men, in that for women who are in committed relationships, they would no longer have to take hormonal contraceptives. As for men, they wouldn’t get stuck with children they don’t want, and they’d face less nonsense when it comes to the question of paternity. In the long-run, I expect it would cause a decrease in the number of abortions as well*. At the same time, it’s not a panacea. There are guys, after all, who would claim that they have a vasalgel implant but who are lying because of idiotic notions of manliness so women would still need to protect themselves (hence the comment about committed relationships). *Btw, fully support people’s right to decide what to do with their bodies and to tell others who don’t respect that right to bugger off (with a reasonable exception for children to ensure they don’t mutilate themselves for the rest of their lives because of confusion they’ll grow out of, depression and/or shitty advice given by psychologists). At the same time, the abortion debate is toxic and new technologies are being researched which could significantly reduce the number of abortions women have. Therefore, intellectual elites in the West need to get their heads out of their ass and start thinking of outside-the box solutions, especially if we want to ensure we’re united in the face of the chaos that’s coming. -Farseer Wannabe

Who is to blame for the money spent on the Ukraine?

Is it really the Ukraine governments fault for asking for our money and weapons? Or does the onus lie w/ us the people for letting the military industrial complex coerce/bribe our politicians into sending that aid? Of course all under the guise of freedom. Is it really too late for us to go back and re-read the warnings Eisenhower gave the people? Are 20 plus years of war are we now a perpetual war state? Has the MIC spigot been on so long its now an integral part of our economy?