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2024 candidates


Combating drought

Republicans love pipelines. Democrats love talking climate. Merge the 2 loves into a pipeline that delivers water from the Mississippi to Lake Mead?


Came to ask about Saagar’s tie knots and see someone else just asked. Is it a four in hand knot? I like the asymmetry but you also seem to keep the overall knot thicker than my four in hand.

TUULETAR - Ievan polkka (Loituma COVER)

I recognize that there are probably hard limitations with doing this but if we knew who you planned on having on your show in advance, you might get some insightful questions from the ask me anything channel. No worries if it's not possible. Loved the Peter Zeihan interview and this week's UFO segments. -Farseer Wannabe


Saagar, thanks a ton. With all the terrible shit going on here in the U.S. and around the world, you have given me the UFO bug. My question is this: Why do we automatically assume they are a national security risk? With their advanced technology, if they do possess weaponry we would have no defense. Would it not be a better idea to try an engage peacefully? Until we know what we are dealing with it doesn't seem a good idea to potentially piss them off with some kind of dumb ass military engagement.