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Bad news for the 2022 hurricane season: The Loop Current, a fueler of monster storms, is looking a lot like it did in 2005, the year of Katrina

Sri Lanka

Dear Krystal, dear Saagar, can you guys pls fit in a story on Sri Lanka and the "food" riots there? thanks!

Bureaucratic Accountability

Used to be a “socialism sucks” conservative mostly because of my parents and just not thinking for myself. I enjoy your content and have changed my mind on a lot. I still struggle with the idea that every agency just needs more money to address issues. For example FDA getting 28M for baby formula. I just feel like the permanent state should at least be held accountable for failures along with with getting new money. Seems like this critique is recognized for the DOD but nobody else. Should I think about this differently?

Millionaire Government Officials Begging for Regulation

Saban and Jimbo were at each others throats over "who bought what players" but were unified that there needs to be regulation. College football's roll out of NIL is a show of the failure of an unregulated market. The leaders at the front are all begging for regulation. Federal anti trust laws? Thoughts? Title IX could easily get overturned in the process. This is going to be more pivotal than the "Real housewives of the SEC"

Gallon of Gas ~= Federal Min. Wage??

I think this is another good example of how lawmakers and politicians are so detached from ACTUAL Americans these days. Someone making minimum wage has to work about an 8-10 hour shift most likely just to fill their gas tank for the week!!! That's an entire day of working juts to be able to drive their car to the place they need to work, if they can even afford to have a car at that rate. Poor public transportation systems in this country and financial barriers to entry with hybrid and electric vehicles is a recipe for disaster for our lower to middle class. Is there any comparison being done on this? I think it's an interesting perspective for people that really resonates with hard working Americans. Even if we consider states that have their own $15 min wage, after tax that's still a pretty steep mountain to climb.