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Electric Cars in California

I’ve been thinking about getting an electric car for a while now. Something that concerns me though is how easy it would be for some crazy mayor or governor to cut off people’s ability to travel by simply limiting the amount of power they can consume. I keep going back to how crazy things got at the beginning of Covid. I legitimately think that if a majority of people had electric cars, someone like Newsome would try to keep people from traveling by not allowing them to charge their cars.

Time Travel?

If you had to go forward or back in time by 60 years and only your memories would follow you, which way would you go? And why of course!

2024 First Lie

The scariest part about Biden's failures to date remains unstated. If current trends continue and Trump runs again in '24 and wins the first lie that will leave his mouth is the following: "We won because the Left was unable to steal this election". Thus giving invalid "proof" to the Big Lie campaign. Vague nonsense B.S. claims will be made that his followers around the country were able to prevent the crimes of 2020. Thus causing the media atmosphere to implode to levels never before seen. Is there anything that can be done to prevent this or are we screwed at this stage?

Discontinuing my support

I wish to discontinue my financial support for breaking points. I find your support for Russia Extremely unjustifiable. I have supported you since you were on the hill. And I supported you immediately you got your new breaking points channel.. I wish to no longer support you. Hi. How do I cancel my donation my monthly donation?

Lol, Krystal AND Saagar on Real time.

Lol, Can you Imagine Krystal AND Saagar on real time as the only guests.....Bill Would get SOOO SCHOOLED! Also, I wouldn't say no to you both appearing on Rogen...If that happens, let me know so I can watch.