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Michael Burry

Have y'all taken a look at what Michael Burry has been saying? Curious your thoughts of his prediction that we're only in the beginning stages of something much worse. Also, I'm curious what the direct impact to Americans will be. Have y'all considered interviewing him on the show?

Pubery/Hormone blockers

Would it be possible to see a deep dive into puberty blockers? There's a lot of conflicting information on them, including on your own show. Goserelin, Histrelin, Leuprolide, and Triptorelin are the most common ones. From what I understand some were developed to fight prostate (and other types of) cancer and have some worrying side effects, especially for people born with male sex organs. Thank you.

Gas Tax Gouging

Hi Team, I dont know if oil companies are gouging consumers or if these are market prices at the pump--my best guess is its a combination of the two. I do understand opportunism in a business and pricing is sometimes exploited, but there is plenty of blame to go around on oil prices if we wanted to go down that path. Particularly Joe Biden cannot STFU about blaming Putin Hike and BP Price Gouging, but why are we not criticizing price gouging by local taxing authorities? In Chicago for example, the 3rd highest gasoline tax jurisdiction in America, there is a 9% combined tax from the City, State, and County. How come during distressed times like this, the government blames everyone for price gouging except themselves? I like your show because you hit back at the mainstream--I would love to see someone hit back at these taxing authorities who always seem to slither between the cracks and avoid accountability.

Nuclear is NOT green and never will be

I'm glad Krystal actually pushed back the last longer discussion where Saagar launched into his push for troubled nuclear power a week or two ago. While it may be our future, it is not a clean alternative like we keep seeing promoted on this show and it is time to push back by examining the facts that Saagar keeps omitting. The new talking point for nuclear is that all the spent fuel rods would fit in a single swimming pool. That would be great if we had already transported this dangerous material to one underground stable structure, but it's not, it is spread all over the world with no plan to contain most of it to this day. It stays on site storage which was supposed to be temporary and now the executives who've profited for decades on this are going to die rich before that waste is ever dealt with, we can only hope that we eventually deal with the old waste and you are relying on the types that screwed up three mile island to be responsible and finally do it. Let's even give Saagar that point completely and ignore HLW (high level waste) and consider it solved just to steelman his point. He completely ignores all the radioactive waste involved in the production of U235, for every 200 tons of 238 we yield about 24 tons of usable 235 for reactors and in the process we produce transuranic actinides which are all awfully radioactive with some of the worst having half lives of tens of thousands of years. Then he also ignores non-HLW like the coolant water, nearly all nuclear uses water both as a coolant and to slow neutrons down because it is efficient to act as double duty. This is slowly released into our seas and water tables and good luck finding ongoing longitudinal studies on what that does over decades. You can find reality imitating art with a three eyed fish that was found next to a south american nuclear plant in a reservoir fed by wastewater within the last decade. Fukishima is releasing the wastewater into the pacific despite objections from local communities and fishing industry which was just approved in the last month. I'm not saying that coal is the answer but this continued pretending that nuclear is somehow the answer is just short term thinking and dangerous thinking humanity will be around for tens of thousands of years to guard the slow decay of radioactive material. Battlestar Galactica was right if you can't see this.

Will Ron DeSantis' presidential run be like Rudy Giuliani's because of Culture Wars?

If Ron Desantis runs for the 2024 Republican primary, do you believe that Desantis will have the same problem that Mayor Rudy Giuliani had in the 2008 Republican Primary. Similar to Desantis, Giuliani was a beloved National Republican figure because of his response to a National Crisis that turned a democratic strong hold republican. However, Giuliani got last placed in the 2008 Republican primary because his positions on abortion and gun control were more to the left compared to most Republicans. Similar to Giuliani, Desantis is the only republican governor in the country to pass red flag laws which are unpopular with the republican base. Also, Desantis promised republicans that he would sign an abortion ban similar to Texas 6 week heartbeat bill back in September, but in April he moved the ban up to 15 weeks which is more lenient compared to other red state bans. In fact, Georgia which went Blue in 2020 for both the presidential and senate elections has just passed a stricter 6 week heartbeat abortion law than Florida . Since the Supreme Court's overturn of Roe V Wade, do you believe that the social conservatives will be more energized than the bar stool conservatives and prevent DeSantis from becoming the Republican nominee for President because they will not find him efficient enough when it comes to social conservative culture wars ? Also I just started Grad School and you guys are my most trusted news source. Keep up the good work! Sincerly, Armando Dante Hopson