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As much as I love most of your coverage, its appalling how far off you've been on Ukraine from the very beginning. You two seemingly purposefully avoid talking at all about the Budapest Memorandum and how we are responsible for the current situation in Ukraine in the first place. If they had their nuclear deterrent, which we, specifically, convinced them to give up, Russia wouldn't even have been able to take Crimea in 2014 or wage the atrocious campaign. It is not a serious answer by you two to say, they should just fold over in Ukraine because its inconvenient to you now in your 30's when you grew up without a cold war in your safety provided by Ukraine dismantling the third largest arsenal in the world including icbms, bombers and more. It is the most sophomoric take both have you have supported besides your prediction that Putin wouldn't invade right before he did. I'm fine if you at least ADDRESS the Budapest Memorandum and still reject it, but to ignore it completely makes you two seem uninformed. You would do well to bring on Gary Kasparov to balance your take out if you are truly interested in covering this fairly. A no fly zone would not have triggered a nuclear war and would have ended this in the first couple weeks costing us almost nothing compared to what we have spent.

LGBTQ Community

Why do you keep using this term as all-encompassing? Sexual orientation is different from Gender Dysphoria which is different from Queerness. As a gay man, I have interests that align with the needs of lesbians and bisexuals. But this forced Intersectionality with TQ and the rest - is not something many old school GLB people buy into. In fact, we are now seeing the “T” overwhelm the agendas of groups like HRC and Stonewall. I am not a member of this “LGBTQIA++” community. Please do not assume membership for anyone.

Michael Burry

Have y'all taken a look at what Michael Burry has been saying? Curious your thoughts of his prediction that we're only in the beginning stages of something much worse. Also, I'm curious what the direct impact to Americans will be. Have y'all considered interviewing him on the show?

Pubery/Hormone blockers

Would it be possible to see a deep dive into puberty blockers? There's a lot of conflicting information on them, including on your own show. Goserelin, Histrelin, Leuprolide, and Triptorelin are the most common ones. From what I understand some were developed to fight prostate (and other types of) cancer and have some worrying side effects, especially for people born with male sex organs. Thank you.

Gas Tax Gouging

Hi Team, I dont know if oil companies are gouging consumers or if these are market prices at the pump--my best guess is its a combination of the two. I do understand opportunism in a business and pricing is sometimes exploited, but there is plenty of blame to go around on oil prices if we wanted to go down that path. Particularly Joe Biden cannot STFU about blaming Putin Hike and BP Price Gouging, but why are we not criticizing price gouging by local taxing authorities? In Chicago for example, the 3rd highest gasoline tax jurisdiction in America, there is a 9% combined tax from the City, State, and County. How come during distressed times like this, the government blames everyone for price gouging except themselves? I like your show because you hit back at the mainstream--I would love to see someone hit back at these taxing authorities who always seem to slither between the cracks and avoid accountability.