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Holy shit Krystal. I haven't watched Bill Maher because in my mind he's become a "whiny little bitch" but I saw that you where his latest episode so I gave it a whirl. So glad I did. You fucking decimated both those motherfuckers!!.

I just realized I was just typing this into the title as opposed to the body. I guess this is what happens when you're 55 and they legalize marijuana in your state, and you were too cowardly to try before it was legal. And now you're making up...well, you get it. Anyway. You fucking killed it on Maher! (I could barely find the exclamation point, any way I better hurry up before I accidentally press send). Even when they ganged up on you, you slapped them bitches around ceaselessly and.... Anyway, really enjoyed your show. Love always,. Wild Bill.

Supreme Court, separation of church and state

I would like to hear your opinions on this unprecedented decision to allow public funding of religious schools.

What were the movements or moments the made you interested in politics

For me, it was George bush getting a shoe thrown at him. My ten year old self couldn't get enough.

Peter Zeihan’s Ukrainian war perspective

You have platformed Peter Zeihan and seem to have respect for his insight. He had said in many interviews I have seen that Russias invasion of Ukraine is only the beginning of there war aims and that to accomplish there goals they must push further into NATO allied parts of Europe. If he is right then a peaceful settlement with Ukraine isn’t even possible. At least a couple of times your shows discussion had advocated a move toward a peaceful settlement. I assume you are aware of Peters perspective so you must disagree? If so why??


Sorry about that question earlier. I thought it was email.