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Krystal: Puberty blocker Lupron

Krystal seems to be very informed on puberty blockers, I would like to hear her insight on Lupron which came to light in Matt Walsh's what is a woman.

Video content for Spotify

Hi guys, just wondering if the video portion of episodes will ever come to Spotify in the future. Apologies if you've already answered this a million times already. Thanks for everything you do, - Jared Boe

Third party thirst

You're both clearly heavily invested in electoral politics, but you only talk about Dems/Reps, and barely acknowledge that they're a monopolistic uni-party. Is there any hope for a recurring segment featuring third party candidates as election season gears up? You have such a large platform, would be great to see you elevating candidates that speak more to real people's issues than the trash that has been at the helm for decades.

Lifetime membership

Both these questions have no real importance but to my own ego… #1 How long before my name gonna show up on the scroll at end of each show? Understand the whole engraving thing will take time, but adding name to graphic cannot be that difficult. #2. As a Lifetime member I get free tickets to your road shows. That’s great! I do not expect you will ever come to Hawaii. May I gift my ticket to a friend nearby your road show location?

Stop the Steel

Would yall mind reexplaining stop the steel? I have a friend who watches this with me and asked me about it and I realized I could not explain what it meant despite having a grasp of it. Appreciate it and love the hard work yall do to put on the best news show I've ever seen!