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Considering Alternative Streaming Platforms

In today's mini-show, you covered YouTube's growing censorship of topics that are considered to be misinformation. Would you consider taking a stand against YouTube's near streaming monopoly by uploading your video content to alternative platforms as well? I'd love to be able to watch your show from Spotify! (Odysee is another great platform that has set itself up as a contender in the streaming space).

Are you aware that YouTube blocks comments that are critical of YouTube?

I saw your segment about YouTube censorship and posted a comment about their hypocrisy, but quickly discovered that it wasn't visible to any YouTube account except mine. I deleted and reposted several times and the same thing happened - but when I posted a comment about my comment being blocked, it seems to have gotten past the censorship algorithm. Here's the gist of what I tried to post - so I'd be grateful if you can read it out: "The irony about YouTube's censorship policy is this. They're 100% PRO-MISINFORMATION... of the kind their ADVERTISERS spew out at us all the time. Their anti-misinfo policy isn't about protecting viewers, it's all about maximising ad sales. I've seen obvious scams advertising on YouTube many times - and whenever I've googled those company names, I've quickly found evidence to support my suspicions. But clearly, thousands of gullible people must be taken in, and get ripped off. YouTube profits from this, but they don't provide any way to complain about unethical or fraudulent advertising."

Breaking Points or Partnership App?

Given the recent and highly warranted focus on YouTube and big tech censorship in general, would Breaking Point consider having its own app developed for premium subscribers? I’m sure there is a revenue component that makes staying on YouTube beneficial for BP to capture revenue from non-premium viewers, but it seems a stand alone app would be very welcome to all of us who want to minimize our use of big tech platforms. Or perhaps a Substack partnership with independent media creators?

Link to buy Atlanta show tickets

Hey Team, Could you please send me link to buy the tickets for the Sep. ATL live show. Thank You.

For Krystal: how do you maintain your faith...

Krystal, how do you maintain your faith in government's ability to solve problems when you are so good at exposing government corruption and incompetence?