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Companies Voluntarily Recognizing Unions

The publisher Seven Seas Entertainment that localizes manga in the US chose to recognize its employees union without the need for an NLRB election. How often does this happen, and what would have to happen for more companies to voluntarily recognize unions?

Nationalizing Refineries

I know you’ve talked about nationalizing energy production which sounds scary to many in the free market economy America is built on, but what about the work around of just nationalizing refineries? Seems like a way to address a legitimate need without creating a communist taking point for the right.

Gun Safety

Where do our politicians in D.C. (mostly but not all Republicans) obtain their drive to disallow most any meaningful gun safety laws? I cannot believe it is largely the NRA, a largely bankrupt organization. If you look at NRA contributions to politicians it's just not that much money.

What would codifying RvW have accomplished?

Huge dan since early in The Rising days, and subscriber since Day 1. Would the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe V Wade have still had the same impact had Roe V Wade have been codified? If not, how? If so, what would codifying it have accomplished?

Doth thou like my larping?

Do you think the changes to the Supreme Court striking down Roe v Wade will cause more people to focus on state wide races also potentially making people focus on institutional reform simultaneously considering states control elections? Or do you think things like Roe v Wade or other cases surrounding same sex marriage being overruled at the Supreme Court would turn state races into a cesspool of culture war? I really hope it's the former. At this point institutional reform seems to be our only ticket out of this mess. Culture war just seems like overreactions to overreactions and policy just seems like a larp considering the american people are ignored anyways.