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Wisconsin Senate dem primary

For Krystal: Who is your pick?I'm looking hard @ Tom Nelson. Do you have any names of grassroots organizations focused on supporting one or another candifate over the DNC candidates. I want to repeat Pennsylvania's success w/ Fedderman.

Nato expansion to East, cases for this

Hey, interview someone, who is actually making the case for expanding NATO to Sweden and Finland, instead of only saying "I haven't heard any case for it". I bet you could even actually get Swedish and Finnish politicians on air, your audience is sufficient enough.


Hi guys! Love the show. Sometimes obsessed honestly Sometimes I wonder if democrats don’t codify roe to keep it as a scare tactic or single issue motivator to keep people voting . I’ve heard you guys talk about the impotence of democrats… do you think their inaction is intentional? It almost seems like they do t want to Cody roe because they want to keep that threat to drive people to the ballot boxes

Independent State Legislature Theory

Hey all. I was wondering if this is something we should be concerned about, considering 3 justices on the court have already affirmed this theory and now the court has agreed to hear yet another case involving it.

What Happened to Peng Shuai?

I've been searching for any info on the Chinese tennis player who accused a CCP official of sexual assualt, then disappeared. She released that creepy video saying she was fine, looking like she was sitting at gun point. Like everything else, the internet seems to have forgotten all about her. Is she even still alive?