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You do have European/American subscribers!

I am an early subscriber with French and American citizenship and a Spanish father and a French mother. I lived for 34 years in Europe, and 25 years in the USA. I have spent months in Spain and worked in France, Netherlands and Romania (and the USA). The reason I am a subscriber, is because I trust you to bring me the most accurate information. So when I read Saagar saying on Twitter about Europe (1) Food is bland (2) Coffee tastes like shit (3) The weather is mostly awful I am not sure what to think about where this comes from. I am disappointed. Cultures are complicated things that do not always mix well. You jump into a culture or you don't. As a subscriber, what am I supposed to do with this tweet?

what is the deal on turkey and nato

i want to know what was promised to turkey to buy their agreement to sweden and finland ? joining nato it is my experience that the U.S is always bribing cooperation with promises of billions of dollars in military aid. since Saagar knows everything and hates us boomers i would like the beautiful Krystal to share her knowledge i am curious what did we promise now

SCOTUS and Moore v. Harper

What do you think the implications of Moore v. Harper will be if SCOTUS sides with the conservatives?

Third Party Development

The Democratic Party is doing what they can to remove threatening third parties from state ballots. How can we stop the discussion of politics like a sporting event between R and D teams, to a working class third party vs professional management class debate.

Russia struck gold in Uganda. They found 12.8 Trillion I don’t think Sanctions are going to work out.