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When K&S debate

Hi Krystal and Saagar, I appreciate each of you for bringing good faith arguments to the tough issues of the day. Your discussion has helped me form a good opinion or change my mind numerous times. My question: how do you two continue to have meaningful debate about existentially threatening issues? One that comes to mind is your talk about gun control legislation. That discussion seemed so heated that James surely had to cool off the microphones after recording stopped. Much love!

I don't see any issue for Obergefell

I heard you guys mention that one of the supreme court justices mentioned reevaluating a list of cases one of which was Obergefell. Obergefell established its ruling based on both equal protections clause and due process. The recent Roe decision only undermines the due process argument. Is there something that could undermine the equal protections clause that I am missing?

Rapid Decline of Lake Mead

Will you share your thoughts on the rapidly dropping waters of Lake Mead and the threats posed to the people and communities directly involved, who rely on the lake for things ranging from recreational use to the production of electricity at the Hoover Dam and shed some light on how the situation will affect the rest of the country as a whole? Thank you for all the work you both so, and keep up the great work!

Government incompetence vs. Nationalization

As a show, the idea of nationalizing industries seems to be acceptable. The show also seems to rally around the fact that government, at almost every level, is incompetent. How is it possible to hold both of these ideas simultaneously?

The Mueller Report

Do you think we will ever be able to read an unexpurgated Mueller Report? Do you think it important that we do have access and if so how can we get it to happen?