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2024 Third Party Moment

Hi guys! Krystal has mentioned a few times recently that she could foresee a Ross Perot level 3rd party movement in 2024. Krystal has also mentioned in the past that she disagreed with Andrew Yang's strategy of creating a new 3rd party to wrangle power away from establishment Democrats in preference to a strategy of transitioning the ruling regimes from within the existing Democratic party. Do either of you still stand by this strategy given the absolute refusal from Democrats to move on from the old guard of Clinton and now Biden? And is there anything a new burgeoning 3rd party could do to sway the two of you to think it has a real chance to actually succeed at breaking up the political duopoly, and earn your support at Breaking Points? Long time fan of the two of you, from back at the days at the Hill! As a community organizer for the newly founded Forward Party, I think it would be very helpful and beyond COOL to get the two of you involved in our movement to stop the division and save our democracy! Love everything you guys do and stand for.

Tulsi Gabbard

I would love to hear your thoughts on Tulsi Gabbard running in 2024. Specifically, how do you think she would fair in the election with the current political environment?

inventory taxes

Every retail business I have ever worked for had to regularly count their inventory. Apparently, taxes must be paid on the dollar amount. Also, businesses need to pay taxes on already paid for machinery and equipment!!!!! Dropping these taxes might help us working folk, what say you?

Zag Thinking

OK - longtime listener to your program and grateful for the passion and insight from the two of you. Rather that sit idle as our “leaders” fail to lead our country, is there an opportunity to do something like creating a “virtual overlay” affiliation made up of republicans and democrats who agree to constructively work on 4-5 most pressing issues (e.g., economy, affordable health/prescription care) and agree to implement 2-3 fundamental changes to minimize DC corruption (e.g., term limits, campaign financing). Net, is there an opportunity to think more creatively and shape a new reality? Are there experts or high-quality thinkers who you could bring on to your show to explore innovative solutions? It seems like the majority of Americans are not satisfied and, rather than sitting idle, is there an opportunity to leverage technology and innovative solutions to move us forward in a productive way? I would be interested in your thoughts and would love to participate…

True public opinion on Dobbs/Roe?

What do you guys make of polling that shows more public support for state-based abortion laws than you might expect?