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Love ur show! Incredibly informative and i love the dynamic between both of u. I have one…”critique”. the audio during the episodes that have both remote or one host is … pretty bad. Is there any chance your mics at home can get upgraded cause those episodes are hard to listen to.

Sri Lanka, a country ruled by US Citizens, is now a failed state beyond comprehension.

Request, not a question for your weekend AMA. SEE BELOW. I would be interested in making a brief five-minute presentation on your show regarding Sri Lanka. I can send you a text of my presentation, or a video of my presentation taken from home, and you can decide if it is at the standards that you require at Breaking Points. BTW, I am of course a Premium Subscriber and I followed you both since day one at Rising. I am sending this email to you because I have known, worked in, and studied Sri Lanka, its people, politicians, and the business community since 2005. I have visited the country more than 20 times during this period. From my home in Washington DC, I follow Sri Lankan politics in detail and have retained and cultivated all my contacts since 2005. One family has ruled this country since the early 2000s. Three brothers who ruled as President, PM, Min Fin, Defense, and Internal Affairs are US citizens. The Chinese had been (probably remain) the largest investors and lenders in the country, and this was the first precursor for the collapse that is now unfolding. The second precursor is family nepotism and a level of corruption that was not for the faint at heart. I have enclosed a link for WAPO from today: Here are two videos from a major project that I did in the country. Tsunami project in detail 12 min Shorter video 3 min Let me know if this is of interest? Best regards, Philip Bay 202 679 5035

Presidential Tiers video?

Have you all considered doing a presidential tiers ranking video for some side content? I think it would be really fun to hear your thoughts on ranking the presidents, maybe with the extended crew (Marshall and Kyle)? Here is an example in case you don't know what I am talking about:

How to stay sane and have fun?

Hi K&S, with 3 shows a week, AMA and a "mini"-show, how do you make the time to break away from your career/show responsibilities to calm down or clear your head? Surely, you need to enjoy some dumb fun on occasion, what does that look like? Thanks for the constant feed of content, I'm sincerely grateful towards the entire team for this show. - Armando Salcedo, Portland, OR

Any news on Andrew Yang's Forward Party?

I was a supporter of Yang 2020 but haven't really kept up with developments on the Forward Party he started. It seems like "The Duopoly" is a growing concern for voters so I'm curious what kind of progress has been made with Forward and any other efforts to provide some kind of new voting caucus.