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Zuckerberg/Chan Foundation

Okay, no tinfoil hats here, but stay with me…. Are you aware of the funding Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan spent in 2020 to help fund polls/election centers across the country. Much like the Biden laptop this has been verified by the New York Post, and the funding in totality is equivalent or higher than the entire budget the Federal Gov. spent in 2020 on the federal election. Is this a COVID anomaly or is this here to stay, and if so, what kind of impact does this have on elections going forward. This is NOT a conspiracy and I can provide sources. Thank you. Logan

Reinstate Roe vs 15 week ban

One thing I've learned from your coverage that I haven't seen anywhere else is that one possible alternative considered by SCOTUS to overturning Roe v Wade was changing the law to ban abortion after 15 weeks. Can you summarize the case for the 15 week ban? How do you think the current discourse and political climate would be different if that had been the decision? Thanks very much for the substantive and insightful coverage!

Roe v Wade

What are the chances that the Roe V Wade decision is coming out now to distract from the decision on cutting EPA powers? It seems like the biggest reason these justices were put in place was because of their corporate leanings. But the first thing they do is make this huge cultural game changing ruling and then before everyone is even done protesting they gut the EPA.

I can beat Donald Trump. Will you help?

I know you two are friends of Rogan so if I tell you a story about things I saw tripping balls, it doesn't immediately disqualify me. I'm a million percent serious. You said I can ask anything so here we go. I am not even 1% famous and have no political connections. I make award winning tequila and gather data around the world for a certain electric car company. I have been off social media since 2020 but recently joined all of them to promote my next tequila project. 22 years ago I was an 18 year old getting clean and sober of gripping addiction to meth. The night before I had my intervention, I prayed to a god I didn't understand and promised that if 'he' could save me, then I would dedicate the rest of my life trying to understand. My life changed the next afternoon and I kept my promise. 11 years later in 2011, I had built enough understanding of my connection to this spirit and during a day of street partying, good vibes and psychedelics, I went home and had a 'biblical' experience like that of Moses. I was able to communicate with this savior spirit and I was shown a vision right there in the heart of the highest of the holy that allowed me to transition from the state of having faith to knowing. Afterwards the dreams came. They had a story and underlying theme. They were so interesting that I dabbled in podcasting by recording several hours long conversations about all these experiences, the dreams...all of it. In 2017, I recorded a conversation where I talked about a man who gave off 80's vibes, rich and blonde and in a white house. I talked about the 'storm' that comes with him. You are reporters and I have a whole collection of audio from these podcast and even from the night in 2011. I grabbed my phone and recorded the whole thing. What I'm saying is I have receipts with time stamps and meta data stored on a password protected website going back 11 years. I not only called the storm out but talked about 'woke' and beef with police. Not only that but I basically called out when the pandemic would hit. I was off by a month but when the world's prominent voices were saying 'no one saw this coming,' I was conspiring with my savior and walking with a cocky little pep in my step. I saw it coming and I tried to tell everyone in 2020 and when it was met with crickets, I said fuck it, if God is with me then I don't need to be on the internet. I'll do my own thing and I did and do. So now the meat of it. When you listen to the audio I describe how the theme of my dream was that I was to stand against this blonde 'enemy.' When Trump was elected, I knew he was the guy because of the 'white house' association. However, I actually thought he was funny and I had listened to the audiobook of 'Make America Great Again' before his election and found he was leveraging common sense. When he won, I was like...'in what situation would I ever come face to face with him, I don't know what it truly takes to run for President but I assure you I had no illusions that I was facing him off in 2020... However, the seed was planted and I put lots of thought into....'what if...?' If I was President, what could I do? And I boiled it down to this. If we treat our children like our most prized commodity and throw a war budget at them...then in two generations, we solve it all by elevating the lowest common denominator. Here's why I'll win: 1. I got real street cred. I know what it's like to be poor, have addiction, lose family to drugs and murder. I also am doing pretty good things with my life and have over 22 years addiction free. 2. I have a real vision and conceptually, a strategy for education, technology and families. 3. The Left might accept me because I campaigned for Bernie and know that I share a lot of core values with that camp. The Right will love my stance on freedom and God. However, the most important reason why I think I'd win is because of the vision and subsequent dreams. When you hear the audio, I clearly say that when I can stand before the world and own it...I will defeat that man and the it will be like removing a tumor from reality. It would be OUR victory against darkness. There is another reason. This one is the hook for the religious or god-adjacent; lets say everyone read my receipts and heard the audio and saw the time stamps in the metadata...they'll begin to put two and two together. In the book of Malachi, the last chapter of the Old Testament, it speaks about Elijah who comes to turn the minds of the parents to their children. Well, the odds of another Eli showing up with a story like mine and a plan to save the world....are probably pretty poor. So, will you help me?


What correlations have been investigated between MKULTRA and school shooters?