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The Forward party or the Moderate party

So what's with the third parties that I have been hearing about? We need a LEFT party. that can compete or help improve candidates of the democratic party. If we get a "Democrat" labeled MODERATE cough party. THAT Would be BAD. What's really going on here?....Biden has a ~20 percent approval rating, How much if that is "He's not Republican" enough. You have to be joking right? Versus What I hope is the "OH my GOD DO Something!/ANYTHING Bernie like"

Civil War in a Politically Disengaged Society?

I enjoyed Krystal's monologue on this, but it also struck me that the rhetoric around Civil War seems very mismatched to the way non-politically engaged people or even non-voters think. Given the way the structure of our parties and media focus so much attention and power on the most committed partisans, how representative is that level of anger when it comes to the rest of population? Is it possible that small portions of the country on each side are steering their respective "sides" towards this level of confrontation? If so, how much harm do you think they can ultimately cause if the majority stays tuned out?

Has CNN Actually changed?

You made a comment on Tuesday's show that CNN's new ownership wants less partisan coverage, has that happened yet? Seems like they haven't implemented the plan as evidenced by Brian Stelter's most recent interview of Paul Krugman. What are your thoughts on that?

This one is simple

Accurate or not, you two have the reputation of being "anti-establishment" ... honestly. For both of you, who is the last president you either liked and/or believed did a good job in office? It would be fun to hear comment on each other's selection, as well as your own justification in support of your guy.

Pelosi Sucks

Surely the Speaker wouldn’t put our country in danger just to sweep her husbands court case under the rug…..right?