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Pesticides/herbicides and rural health

Can you do a segment on pesticides and herbicides like atrazine and glyphosate and human health? Supposedly sperm counts in rural areas have dropped quite a bit, worth covering. On a side note it would be interesting if you had a reporter who was a scientist or doctor who could cover this type of story in depth

Navy’s Red Hill fuel detected by Honolulu Board of Water Supply

Have to start by saying thank you for such an amazing body of work — longtime fan since Rising, recommended your 2020 book multiple times. This is more a plea than a question, because as a fan and amateur journalist I understand there are many factors that determine which topics make the cut for your show (including coverage by others, which I assure you could be more). But please, help keep up some pressure/focus in DC on the water crisis in Hawai‘i. The Honolulu Board of Water Supply’s test well recently showed potential contaminant migration from the Navy’s fuel leaks; apparently ‘non-actionable’ levels but still raising new alarms since BWS previously found no contamination in municipal lines. Please, do at least one segment on Red Hill — but really, the decades-long colonial militarism, crime against humanity, national security implications, energy policy tie-ins, government transparency and accountability, etc. seem right up your alley. Some good parallels to Camp Lejeune, NC, hopefully in terms of belated justice as well. No hard feelings if you don’t even see this, but again, huge fan and thank you for any attention to this ongoing issue from across the country. Take care!

15 Fathers of Our (New) Democracy

According to a Forbes article (that has been buried, forgotten, and is now 6 YEARS OLD!), ALL forms of US media have been completely owned and controlled by just 15 BILLIONAIRES. These people have the power to push a button, and make the whole country stupid - and from the looks of things in 2022, they seem to delight in doing exactly that! My question is: Why (and how) aren't the 15 Fathers of Our New "Democracy" common household names? **Forbes Article:

China Views

It's pretty clear that Saagar is anti-china. Krystal never retorts when Saagar talks about his anti-china sentiments. Krystal, what are you views on China?

Conflicts of Interest - Do either of you have sources of income other than Breaking Points?

Both Krystal and Saagar are forthcoming about their podcasts outside of Breaking Points and their published book. But do the two have other sources of income? It would be important to disclose alternative sources of income for transparency purposes in order to legitimize the pair's claim of independence? I've read about Saagar's employment with two conservative think tanks and recently learned the Realignment Podcast was previously funded by one these think tanks.