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Candidate Debates

In your AMA this week you talked about having candidates & politicians on your show all that comes with it including wanting to give opponents a chance to come on as well. Have you guys ever considered hosting a debate between politicians and or candidates in current races?

Dianne Feinstein

Reports have come out that senator feinstein is dealing with cognitive decline. Do you both think we should enact age restrictions or term limits to the senate and how can we the American people get it done?

Dems and Republican shallow bench

Why does the US political system on both sides of the aisle fail to produce better presidential candidates.

Drone Strikes in residential Kabul

In my view, pulling out of Afghanistan has been pretty much the only admirable thing Biden has done as President (granted all that good will was undone rather quickly.) My question is: Why isn't a bigger scandal that despite the U.S. withdrawal, the people of Afghanistan still have to live under threat of U.S. military strikes?

Patent Trial and Appeal Board Reform Act

Do you see the above bill being pushed by Tillis, Cornyn, and Leahy meeting any resistance? It appears to be another attempt for entrenched tech firms to kill off competition.