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Thorium salt reactors

I have heard several discussions on thorium salt reactors, which apparently have promise and result on less toxic remains. In fact I have heard it can actually use spent fuel rods from our current reactors. Have you looked into this technology? If so, I would be interested in your thoughts. I see it has been asked, how do I get to the answers?

Another conservative leaning voice in the future?

Hey guys, Just curious, as Breaking Points expands and additional contributors and hosts are brought on, if you have any plans to bring on another fellow like our boy Saager? For the sake of maintaining your original balance, I'd love to see another contributor here or there more steeped in the conservative tea. Thanks and keep it up!

UK parliament designed to govern, US

Hi. In a Triggernometry episode, Peter Zeihan said that the UK's parliament was designed to govern as opposed to design to debate. Can you guys ask him what he meant by this the next time you have him on your show? 50:30-50;37 Farseer Wannabe Show Me The Body-Loose Talk

Left wing third party

Hi, thanks all the good work you've done. I vaguely remember Cornel West and Nina Turner trying to found a new party before the last elections, yet all I'm earing now is about is Pete's fund raising scheme. Do you know what happened to that initiative? P.S. Is there a way to make my email address available to Kyle, too?

Is the Fairness Doctrine the Solution to the Divisive Corporate Media?

The Fairness Doctrine of the FCC, introduced in 1949, was a policy that required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that fairly reflected differing viewpoints. In addition, the fairness doctrine required that broadcast media provide various ideologies, opinions, and stories. In 1987, the FCC abolished the Fairness Doctrine after Congress' attempt to codify it (Fairness in Broadcasting Act of 1987) failed due to a veto by President Ronald Reagan. Given the intense division in the American public and the gaslighting being done by corporate media that is tricking Americans into hating each other, would none of this be an issue if the Fairness Doctrine was still enforced today? Thanks for the great content!