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Do you guys have a centralized location for all of the shows you've done to date, separated by segment with all of the background material etc? If so, it would be awesome if that was publicly available. There are lots of segments that I want to share with people, but it typically takes me while to find them on youtube. If you haven't already created this, I would highly recommend doing so. I think it could go a long way towards expanding your audience.

Are Biden's recent comments on Taiwan explicitly part of the "strategic ambiguity" doctrine?

Is it possible that the multiple recent instances of President Biden explicitly declaring that the US would defend Taiwan in the case of an invasion, and then immediately being countered by his staff, an explicit, intended, instance of our "strategic ambiguity" doctrine? If nothing else, the recent messaging out of the executive branch with regards to all of this has been.. ambiguous. What credence do you lend to the the idea that this might not just be a Biden gaff, and is actually intentional? I don't particular trust our security state to operate in our best interest, or generally with competence, but its undeniable that in many circumstances they do in fact operate with extreme competence. I would think that one gaff by Biden would be immediately corrected by the people around him, but multiple consistent statements to this effect? I'm really not sure I see any way that this keeps happening, where he doesn't tell his advisors/whoever makes the counter-statements to stop contradicting him, unless this is intentional. I guess unless he's just not in control at all, which is definitely an option.


Hi guys. Big fan of the show. I understand why legacy media don’t talk about the situation in Iran but I was hoping to get your takes on it.

Boston MA live show

When are you coming to Boston? I've heard local promoters, business interests and higher education institutions don't want you here. Any truth to that rumor?

Any blame at all for the patients when it comes to our overwhelmed "horrific profit driven health care system"?

I am an ICU PA. I started during Covid and watched close to 500 people die in various ICU's from NY to TX to NC. Now I have gone 55 shifts in a row with a fentanyl overdose in my unit. Mostly because the crack cocaine is now laced with it. I agree that health education and access to primary care is severely lacking, big Pharma makes billions off of shady practices, and health insurance companies are borderline evil. However, the majority of my patients in the ICU on a nightly basis are there due to either drug and alcohol abuse, diabetes complications or COPD from smoking. I would say more than half of my patients are just absolutly noncompliant with any medication except for pain medications. This is in a population who's medications to include insulin, PrEP, and dialysis are paid for. I don't think many people are aware that 1% of the entire federal budget goes to hemodialysis companies. The vast majority of these cases are ESRD from uncontrolled BP and diabetes. Patients still constant skip HD and come to ED for treatment. I also think that non healthcare workers would be shocked to know that at any given time in the ED, more than ⅓ of the patients are there for mental health or drug abuse. We shame everyone from insurance, to Pharma and more recently providers. But are we ever going to acknowledge the fact that chronically noncompliant patients are also responsible for a huge amount of the cost of care in this country. You can educate, case manage, and literally deliver their medications to them and it doesn't matter. They will be back to the hospital in a few days using up vast amounts of resources. In my state most hospitals and almost all ICU beds have been full since the spring. Do the patients have any responsibility for the crush on the system?