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Complete Show?

Four times per week, I would receive an email with a link to the FULL Breaking Points show, but for a few weeks, I have not received the emails. Every April, since 2021, I renew my yearly subscription, so my subscription has not lapsed. Please advise! I have missed the uninterrupted version! Thank you….

Live show video

Any live show video for premium subs?

No video on Spotify

I'm a frustrated new premium subscriber and I've tried everything I can think of to get the video working on Spotify, whether by phone, tablet or computer: nada. So, Saagar, when you announce each episode that we can now watch on Spotify: not necessarily true, judging by the others posting the same question / frustration.

Merchandise charge

I am not sure where to correctly post this question. But, I just noticed an $80 charge for merchandise to Krystal and Saagar. I have never purchased from you. I am a monthly doner, but that card is not to be used for anything else, definitely not for merchandise I never ordered, approved, received or want. Please reverse this charge on my card. Contact me for further information. Thanks, Joan

Double Charge

Why was I charged twice in August