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Trump's doppelganger

There's been a lot of coverage saying Trump's announcement speech was very atypical for him, likely because of the midterm results. If the election night/week had gone well for Trump, what do you think would have been different about his speech and campaign direction?

Clarity on effective altruism

When I first encountered effective altruism, it seemed that the main emphasis was on 1) committing to give some portion of your income to do good, and 2) endeavoring to prioritize spending on more impactful efforts that are cost-effective and data-driven. It seemed like a clear and reasonable approach to charity. Wealth-hoarding, fraud, and downplaying the urgency of current crises wasn't what I initially associated with the movement. Do you think effective altruism is a movement with some good ideas that has been misled by bad actors or do you think that the premise is misguided to begin with?

Free speech threatened in national parks and federal lands

Please, please, please do a segment on this. This is ridiculous. "National Park Service Calls Out YOUTUBE and TIKTOK: You Need A Permit To Film". RVMILES

Please limit future Trump coverage

While I voted for Trump, I feel that it is time to move on. Trump had his opportunity and blew it. I am curious what percent of the subscribers feel this way. If the vast majority feel like me, please limit your coverage to 2-3 minutes per week. Maybe a survey? Thanks!

Sped up videos on your show

Maybe not the place to ask this, but don't know if anyone will see it otherwise. I'm asking if you can stop speeding up the video clips you play in your show. A couple reasons why I think speeding up the clips makes for a worse listening experience: - Many times when listening to a pundit or political leader it is important to hear their tone of voice, inflection and cadence. When people sound like chipmunks it's not easy to hear if they are being sarcastic, condescending or just the general mood of the speech. (that recent video of ben shapiro was unlistenable. He's already a chipmunk.) - Many listeners already speed up their podcasts. Now a 2x podcast is now a 3 or 4x and people have to stop and change their settings on their app. Hopefully not while they're driving!!! - Lastly you are a free and independent outlet. You don't have time constraints imposed on you, nor do you have to get to a commercial break on time. Let the listener choose the experience they want. If they want to speed up the podcast they can do so on their own. In general I enjoy listening to you guys and your guests, so I'm not in a rush to listen to the episode as quickly as possible. I would guess most of your subscribers would agree. Keep on killing it! Pete