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Why is a balanced federal budget considered an extreme position?

I live in Oregon, a dep blue state which requires a balanced budget by law. Why is it extreme to say that should also apply at the federal level? Why is it so crazy to not spend more than you have, what am I missing here?

Little Big Man aka George Santos

There was a film from 1970 with Dustin Hoffman called "Little Big Man". When i first heard of George Santos, i immediately thought of this movie. The tagline is "either The Most Neglected Hero In History Or A Liar Of Insane Proportion!". Check the movie out for yourself. I feel like it informed much of George Santos's life. Jeff Weaver Rossland, BC,

SAAGER -- Please talk about how Big Food is the nation's #1 supplier of health education

The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation is the nation's #1 supplier of health education with a program called 'Together Counts'. It's teaching children 12 and under 'calorie balance'. It's killing a generation and I hope you find time to talk about it. I can show all of the details and fraud used to obtain this power, but ultimately this is the important story.

Saagar - Weight loss

Saagar, for years now you have talked about how everyone needs to lose weight and get healthier via diet and exercise. However on Monday's show you admitted, in an offhand comment, that an overweight person successfully losing weight and keeping it off via diet and exercise has about the same success rate as kicking heroin. I'm wondering how you square those two things in your head? How can you advocate for diet and exercise being the best way to lose weight when it has such a proven high failure rate?

Trump papers v Biden papers. What's the difference?

In one of your monologues comparing each different President's set of papers you said something to the affect that they were basically the same issue for each president. But wasn't one of them only a VP for when he 'forgot' about the TS documents. I think I read somewhere that is a big issue for Biden? Could you please verify? Thanks