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Covid Categories

With the recent Twitter Files leak regarding big Pharma and covid vaccine public knowledge control; which action has the most blood on it's hands regarding global deaths: 1)People who died from the vaccine 2)People who died from Covid due to vaccine rejection caused by misinformation or 3)People who died in poor countries because no cheaper version was allowed? Seems like category 3 is a no brainer.

Agriculture and Big Food

Sagaar, you mentioned that big food and agriculture are driven by money to create unhealthy food for Americans. Specifically, can you explain how the agriculture has contributed to this? As a former agricultural educator and beef producer, I want to know where you think Agriculture has become corrupt and what it has done to create unhealthy food.

Hello from Australia

I don't have a question but I recently moved from US to Australia and I was speaking with a local person in an Uber and we were talking a little about the US and he mentioned this duo and how he appreciated all these different view points in breaking down current concerns of the US and the world. He mentioned Breaking Points and he really enjoyed watching it and we had a good discussion! It's good to know your reach is all the way out here not from an expat but a local Aussie! Cheers to you and keep up the great work. Love all the contributors.

YouTube Shorts to broaden your exposure?

Hello, have you considered publishing some Shorts on YouTube to broaden your exposure? My understanding is that YouTube is heavily promoting Shorts - sometimes at the expense of traditional videos. Love your show, keep the great work.

What are you reading?

Do you have a few favorite books we could add to our reading lists?