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My son is anti-trans, how can I talk to him?

I watched Krystal and Kyle’s show with Lonerbox where you discussed persuading someone with another POV that your ideas have merit, which is why I'm writing you. My 31-year-old son was a progressive who supported Bernie Sanders but has lately bought into the anti-trans agenda through right-wing online media and watching Matt Walsh’s “What is a Woman.” (We also have a close relative who recently came out as bi-sexual, which really bugs him and has caused a huge rift between them.) I recommended he watch “Boys Don’t Cry” to see another side of this issue and told him that gay and trans people are more likely to be attacked or killed than they are to ‘groom’ a child. He’s tried to convince me with video clips by Walsh, Ben Shapiro and Jordon Peterson that trans people are a threat to our society. Since this has become one of his causes, our once-lively discussions have become rather dull. I miss my loving, good-hearted son. He has also become very rigid in his views once he’s sure he is right. Can we bridge this gap? Thanks, love your show - I'll see you in Austin!

It's 2023 not 2024

The advert at the end of your Youtube clips has Krystal saying "ready or not, 2024 is fully upon us now..." It's 2023:

Link for ratings for news podcasts?

You sometimes mention that Breaking Points has better ratings than NYT and CNN. When I google audience numbers and ratings I never get the numbers but end up with a lot of websites promoting CNN, NYT, Fox News broadcasts. IS there a link we can go to to see how the news shows (podcasts, etc) stack up against each other with their audience total numbers and demographics? IF this link is not available to the general public I wonder if the ratings could be posted on the Breaking Points webpage.

DeSantis: The New Tommy Gunn

Greetings Saagar & KB! I hope your 2023 is off to a great start. In one of your segments about Trump and DeSantis, you all talked about one of the reasons DeSantis has not announced yet could be because of Florida’s legislative session. I do not think that is the case. I think the reason why Gov DeSantis has not announced a bid for president at this time is because he knows that he is putting his entire political career in jeopardy. For example, DeSantis will not be able to defeat Trump in a debate. Trump just has to remind the Republican voters about those awful campaign ads where DeSantis was seen kissing Trumps’ a$$. Trump will give DeSantis the “Tommy Gunn” (Rocky V) treatment and defeat him quick. Where does DeSantis go from there? Maybe he runs for Senate after his term is over but I do not see him recovering from a bout with Trump or the rest of the Republican field for that matter. What are your thoughts?

Auto play not serving up your content on Youtube

I know you've discussed this before and you think you have been since your numbers haven't been growing, but I am wondering if this is part shadow banning. I fell into a rabbit hole on the subject matter of stereo equipment. I binge watch a particular person's videos and just set autoplay and I get served up the creator's content one video after another. When I have autoplay on your show, it serves up some other slightly relevant content, but not your content. I find it weird. Can't tell if I am misinterpreting what I've seen, or if there is some other explanation, or if this is just part of the way they get you.