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national debt

If you have not interviewed Dr Stephanie Kelton ,Please please do so. I spent years of research on How our Monetary policy truely works and when I finally understood it ;it changed my entire perspective on basically everything. Not everyone can accept the reality of it. Dr Kelton make its clear!!! Please look into it .

terrible take on the debt.

The national debt is a count of all US dollars that have been spent into existence minus what has been taxed back. It's the count of all US dollars in the economy. Every single time in history we have paid down the debt the economy has crashed because it means to extract money from the economy and destroy it. If the gov spends 1mil, the economy gets 1 mil and we have a 1 mil debt. If they then want to balance the budget, they have to extract the money from the economy leaving them both balanced at zero. How the money is spent matters much, much, much more than creating the money. The debt should grow every year. Why do you think paying down the national debt would go any different than any of the other times? Here you can see where the economy was when Clinton took office and where it was when he left as well as the other surpluses. Please have Dr. Kelton on to help you understand how the debt works.

Feature Request

You guys are great, and I love sharing your takes. Even if I don't agree, they are usually fresh and honest. One thing that I'd love is topic playlists on your youtube channel. Highlighting those topics that you do regular takes on. Health/food/drug segments, Segments on Unions, etc. I will frequently want to share a segment with someone that I heard a week or so ago, and struggle to find it. Anyway, great show, keep up the good work! Joe

Getting back to news...

George is Santos is amusing, but with all of the major protests in England, France and Spain over covid protocols and injuries, why not put focus on news stories the media isn't covering?

Chat GPT Accelerant?

I'm fascinated by the Chat GPT topic. Do you think this technology could ever be improved to a point where it allows people to ask increasingly more complex scientific questions, and with it's AI ability to sample information in ways humans simply cannot, serve as a knowledge accelerant leading us to new scientific ideas, and then build off that rising tide of more complex ideas over and over and over again? Big fan, and look forward to seeing you in Austin!