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Worst kept secret

Hi guys, just wanted to say I’m looking forward to your Rogan show in February. That’s how I found you and I’ve been listening ever since. Thanks for all you do

Layoffs driven by too much "free" money

I keep hearing this topic come up in other discussions but I would love to hear you guys go more in depth. What can we do to protect workers from shouldering the risk of companies who recklessly "grow" without having a business plan to match? 6 months ago I was heavily recruited to job in a tech startup going into its 4th year. During the interview process I was repeatedly told their recent funding gave them "multiple years of runway" and the company was in a great financial position. Dozens of people were hired after me likely on the same promises. But once I got there it was clear the company had no way of making money and but was continuing to hire without demand to match. 25% of the company was laid off last week. Some whom were hired as recently as a month ago. The investors and founders lose nothing but 25% of the workforce lose everything. How can we increase accountability in this space? What protections can or should be provided for workers when management behaves recklessly with fake (ie investment) capital?

The Tyre Nichols Murder and It's Subsequent Investigation

Hey guys, We've spent a lot of time over the last few years covering civil rights and police brutality. As you both have read Tyre Nichols was taken off life support shortly after an encounter with police. This story has been covered furiously within the region but I am confused as to why MSM isn't covering this in the same light they covered so many of these altercations. This video footage has been likened to that of Rodney King and still we only get a scroll bar at the bottom of the screen with a few statements. My question is: Why do you think this is so? A story like this could help pave the way to enact change and it is seemingly being outshined by the Confidential Paperwork Carousel.

Food Stamps are being slashed now

Hello guys, please can you do a segment on snap benefits being cut by 33%. I just got a notice from New Mexico Department of Health that the pandemic relief would be taken away in February 2 weeks notice so my $300 a month now will go down to 190 for a month. by the way, firewood went from $100 a load to $180 a load this winter. So cold and hungry together. This is the Biden administration doing this and a democratic Congress. Please shine a light on this. I’m not ashamed to be this poor, but I am ashamed of our government.

Addendum to my last one

By the way my county burnt down in the giant Calf Canyon fire last summer and my well got sucked dry. Many neighbors lost it all so I’m luckier than many. The government started that fire. Just sayin.