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Breaking Points Reddit

Are you aware that there is a Breaking Points Subreddit? If so, are either of you the moderators?

The 4 Day Work Week

Hello Krystal and Saager! I'm a big fan of the show and have been following you since you were on Rising. I know this isn't quite the avenue to reach out in regard to this, but I wanted to know if you might be interested in an interview with my company in regard to our 4 day (32 hour) work week. Especially since the news of Maryland's new proposed legislation has surfaced. WYPR the local NPR affiliate and Vice News has already reached out to discuss our 32 hour work week policy that we implemented back in October of 2021. I figured this tracks with your pro worker stance (even though it is the more privileged PMC workers). The company is called Tricerat and you can find a couple local articles on it you like. My email is if you might be interested. If not, no worries and keep up the great work! I will not deny this is a bit of shameless self promotion but I thought this might be more of a win win situation.

Tulsi Gabbard

What are your opinions on Tulsi Gabbard? She's about the only politician/former politician I'm inclined to trust so I'm interested in your take on her.

Josh Hawley Politics

Hey Team! Continue being the best source of news on the market. Wanted to get your thoughts on Josh Hawley. I am an independent voter but I loved the week that Hawley has had(Tik Tok, Ticketmaster, Stock Trading) What do you all think of him and his future? Could he unite a new wing or is he just a reactionary politician?

Ukraine - missing the point again

Hi guys, sorry to say, but your coverage of Ukraine has been off at every point in this war. Regarding the the UKR gov't officials fired for corruption, the key point here is that the Zelenski team is identifying corrupt actors and getting rid of them. They are systematically rooting out corruption. UKR is on the way to becoming one of the most transparent and least corrupt countries in the world. Zelenski has been rooting out corruption since day one. That is why he was elected.