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Price of eggs math

(already posted by someone else in YouTube comments) $2 - $4 price increase is 200% $1 - $2bn profit increase is 200% $1 - $190bn profit increase is 19,000%

Religious Upbringings

Hey guys, big fan of the show coming all the way down from Florida. I know both of you all have mentioned at one point or another that neither one of you all are religious. Did either one of you all have religious upbringings?

Oligarchs vs. Billionaires

Why are Russian billionaires called oligarchs and American oligarchs billionaires?

French Labor strikes

This story seems super important and is shockingly getting no press coverage in the United States. Can you please cover this story. It is fascinating watching unions with actual teeth leverage effectively without government crushing them.

Decling quality of Breaking Points

I have been a breaking points subscriber since the launch. I have stopped listening breaking points regularly. The stories seem very boring and not well researched. Like recent Saagar's radar, debt as a percentage of GDP rose during second world war to 120% of GDP but it was paid back and the debt actually reduced to just 40% of GDP by 1960, and during the Vietnam war debt as a percentage of GDP was steady around 45%. American debt is a function of social spending and not just wars and tax cuts. Our military budget has fallen as a percentage of GDP from 11% in 1950s to 5% in 1980s to just 3% today. I have a yearly membership which renews sometime in June, and the only reason I would keep the subscription is to watch Ryan and Emily. I disagree with Ryan but his radars are well researched and they do a multitude of stories (and not just stories where they assail the mainstream press while picking out every story from mainstream press like Krystal and Saagar.) I politically agree with Emily, and her stories are not as well done as Ryan but still better than Saagar and Krystal. I hope with the expansion of editing and research team of Breaking points, we get better content from Saagar and Krystal.