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Spotify - Did I help or hurt BP?

Hi BP Thanks for a great product and I have been a long time supporter. As a premium member, I used to consume BP through audio podcasts and have now switched to Spotify so I can watch the video as well. Since I am already a premium sub, did 1) add no additional financial value to BP 2) add some value because of how spotify works or 3) cost BP because of the video costs? It is very nice to see you both back in video when I am not on the move. Thanks from Vancouver Canada Jon Ricci

Alaska willow project

I know there's been a lot going on this week, but I'm wondering why you guys haven't even mentioned Biden's approval of the Willow project in Alaska. Seems to me like a big betrayal of Biden's supposed environmental principles with potential huge environmental impact.

chatGPT's definition of Woke

I asked chatGPT: "What is the definition of woke?" Here's chatGPT's answer. Saagar and Krystal, what do you think of it's answer? The term "woke" is a slang term that has gained popularity in recent years, particularly in social and political contexts. It refers to a person who is aware of and sensitive to social and political issues, especially those related to inequality and injustice. The term originated within the African American community and has since been adopted by other groups to refer to a broader awareness of issues related to social justice, such as racism, sexism, and homophobia. Being "woke" is often associated with being politically progressive and actively working towards social change. However, the term has also been criticized by some who see it as an overly simplistic way of looking at complex social issues and as a way for people to virtue signal without actually taking meaningful action.

Monologue Process

Krystal and Saagar, love the show and listen to every episode. I am curious about you monologues and the process for researching, writing, and preparing. How long in advance do you start looking into a topic? How do you identify topics you want to dive into? What is your creative process look like? Thanks for you hard work!

Dating / Relationships

Congrats to you both on your engagements! Just curious have either of you ever dated someone with opposing political ideologies? I have many friends who have different political views than myself but I’ve noticed very few date or are married to someone with opposite / differing political ideologies.