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Dating / Relationships

Congrats to you both on your engagements! Just curious have either of you ever dated someone with opposing political ideologies? I have many friends who have different political views than myself but I’ve noticed very few date or are married to someone with opposite / differing political ideologies.

The Dark Side

I love you both, but now that you're so big, how do we know you're not succeptible to being purchased by the corporatocracy? Stay strong.

Gender population

Can you do a segment on gender population by year? it would be interesting to know if there are more females than males at ages 13-18 which may contribute to teen depression. The public puts an emphasis on relationships at any age and diving deep into the health of a person in a relationship vs single. Potential long term effect of an imbalance of male vs female is an interesting topic.


Yall are awesome glad are yall doing this. Whats are the books behind you? What's are yalls favorite books. What are some books you think everyone should read?

Sleep Tech?

Hey Saagar, I know your way into improving your health. Do you delve into the sleep tech at all? I've been using the Oura ring for the last few years and not sure how accurate it is. There is a new device called Apollo and I wanted to see if you know anything about that and also was curious if you have a sleep tracker that you like to use?