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Does Biden Really Believe "Ted Lasso" Can Solve the Mental Health Crisis?

The mental health crisis in the U.S. is a terrible problem that requires the input of professionals and serious policy makers. So Joe Biden decided the best idea was to talk to a thoughtful, well-informed Apple TV personality – oh wait! It's not a thoughtful discussion with John Stewart, but a photo op with the cast of some sitcom is even better, right? Sure it's great PR for Apple and will make their investors feel better, I guess, but do the Administration and the mainstream media really believe this is useful? Are Americans really so fame-obsessed that they'll eat this up? Or is it actually a great idea and I'm the idiot for thinking this stunt just extremely disrespectful and demeaning to those suffering from such a terrible problem? The problem may not be as immediate as the plethora of pollution/contamination disasters or inflation being used to intentionally destroy workers' lives, but it's still pretty big IMO.

SVB America vs East Palestine America

Following Krystal’s monologue discussing the differential treatment of the SVB and East Palestine crises. Do you think that running on a platform opposing the ‘SVB America’ and representing the ‘East Palestine America’ would be a winning strategy? And who could champion that message?

Presidential Debate 2024

If independent media continues to grow do you see a scenario where one of those outlets will be able to host a presidential debate? If so, would you guys be up for it?

Interview Dershowitz about the Trump indictment.

I disagreee with Dershowitz most of the time, but he is very knowledgeable.

Trump's indictment

I think it would only be fair to give Trump the same treatment our men in blue would give to any average citizen of color. Rather than simply handcuff him, he should be thrown to the ground, a knee placed squarely in his back, put in a choke hold and tazed to be absolutely sure he'll comply.