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Trump Primary Attack

Why isnt anyone using basically "Trump was incompetent and didn't accomplish anything. He's to chaotic" as there attack line? Why isn't anyone running on the same policy Trump claims he wants but attack him for all his failures in office. Couldn't get DACA or the censorship question because he messed up the documents. Couldn't build the wall, couldn't do infrastructure weeks, etc. Couldn't beat Joe Biden. Trump is viscous and you're not going to beat him by trying to be above it.


Hi guys love the show. Some of my favorite moments are when you guys debate over a topic. It's hard to find good faith debates these days with our silos of news. Would you guys consider adding sections to the show that are more big picture issues and debates? Maybe on slower news days?

Tell us about your pets!

I don't care if it doesn't matter, I want to hear about your pets! I know Saagar and Krystal both got kittens recently! Did they come from shelters? Friends? Craigslist? Thanks for all you do. <3

A response to Saagar's "gay pedophile" comments this week

Hi Saagar and Krystal. Love the show but had an issue with one thing this week. When Saagar spoke about Trump's comments towards DeSantis he said "not only did he call you a pedophile but a gay pedophile" and laughed about it. I just don't see any way to take this other than just a age-old mocking of queer people, as if somehow adding on "gay" to pedophile makes it a sicker burn. I doubt you'll take this question, but as a long-time fan & supporter I'd appreciate hearing your response. Thanks.

A Question, A Request, and a Comment

Dear Ms. Ball and Mr. Enjeti, My question is the the following - Using your extensive knowledge of the thinking, mindset, and occasional stupidity of the Beltway crowd, what will be their likely reaction when it becomes obvious that Russia is going to win the Ukrainian War? My request is the following for Mr. Enjeti - Could you please limit your usage of the phrase - “At the end of the day”. That is the most overused phase by politicians, journalists, and pundits. Please try something else like - "when all is said and done”, or "in the long run", or “ultimately”, or even “till the cows come home”. And my comment - I’m glad that your show has been a success. I would hate for the two of you to have to learn to code. As someone who did code for 42 years, it’s not easy, and not everybody can do it well.