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Right to work vs NLRB

If the NLRB had actual teeth, enforcement, and did their job; would you be more amiable towards Right To Work Laws and stopping requires Union dues membership? With the political actions of unions the required dues for anyone in a given profession are my one union issue.

What is Going On W My Subscription?

Hi. Past 2 days I've not gotten an email with my youtube link. I can get on Supercast but why no email? Also, the spotify link isn't listed in my supercast. I think I linked previously, but I don't have video. Would like the video. I'm sure this isn't the place to ask but not sure where else to ask. Thanks.


Sagar, what's your opinion of crossfit or other HIIT style workouts? Sounds like your workout plan is more traditional - why did you choose to go that route versus the HIIT way? Maybe both of you could design a workout that you think represents your personality and tell us why?

Saagar on Obama 2008 Campaign

Saagar, What were your thoughts about Obama during the 2008 run? Putting aside him falling short of everything that was promised, he had a number of populist talking points. What were your thoughts during that time? Also, please don't stop doing accents/impressions.

Neocon Foreign Policy family Kagans

I was curious about this new group called the Institute for the Study of War or ISW, quoted in places like the NY Times. Did a little digging and voila, i found the First family of the Neocons founded it and are in charge of it and it is funded by apparently the MIC contractors. The first family is The Kagan family. Victoria Nuland is wife to Robert Kagan, "a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution" and head Neocon cheerleader for wars with a monthly OPED at the WAPO. Just a bit more digging and i found that that Nuland/Kagan have a son, recently graduated from College as a starting Running Back. I can find no indication that he is serving in the US military. This is true for almost every single war supporter in power in this country reference their offspring serving from my research. Anyway, i think, and hope you will as well, that it is worthy of discussion and i included a link discussing the family and ISW.