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Life Time Member - Need Help with Ticket reimbursement

Hello Breaking Points Support. I've sent 3 emails to have two tickets reimbursed for the Breaking Points live show, but never received a response. I'm sending the request to Can you please advise on how to contact the right person for reimbursement. Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Dean Dean Robinson Peace Logic, Inc. 703.570.1234

CBS coverage on France

Have you seen this report on France? To me it is infuriating and disgusting the wording and how the story seemed to make the French look like they had nothing to complain about. The fact that a huge majority of the population are against this and their “elected” official is not representing the people’s wants. Maybe I just love the French but to me this is not a democracy. Maybe we should rush in and save them since we are always so concerned about making sure other countries are running their government correctly. I love all your doing and keep up the great work.

Less Coverage of Trump vs Desantis

I love your show, but could you please cover Trump vs. Desantis less? Only cover if it is newsworthy, but please spare us from the CNN-style coverage of Trump's tweets and his daily Ron Desantis insults. The primary is still a year away. At this time in 2007, Hillay was crowned the Democratic Party nominee by pundits. We know how it all turned out. I listen to The Breaking Points because I was sick of the mainstream media and its Trump-focused and cultural war-focused coverage. Please give us news and analysis of issues important to the country, world, and everyday people, especially for your paying customers. There are so many important issues to focus on.


Hi. I'm an old guy, a Bernie supporter but neither a Dumocrat nor a Repugnican. I have always considered myself a liberal. In recent years I hear the word liberal said with the same sneer that used to be reserved for inappropriate references to people of color, for commies, for homosexuals and for uppity women. As a liberal, I believe that a person should be able to work a 40 hour week and support their family, I believe that those who benefit most from the country, the rich and corporate, should pay more for the common good. I believe all Americans should have access to a strong, well funded education and to and to quality healthcare, not health insurance. And I think that as a society we have a responsibility to help the disadvantaged, the aged and the infirm. Here's my question. Are these beliefs my "Radical Liberal Agenda"? If I were to reverse all these ideas would it help make our country great again?

US vs EU/Nato on Ukraine Spending and Discourse

In your interview with Trita Parsi you guys noted that the conversation around the invasion and war in general is actually more balanced in the US than in Europe. Saagar noted how on some cable show in Britain someone was quickly accused of being anti-Democracy when they gently questioned sending fighter jets to Ukraine. However, you guys have also noted on many occasions that the US spends an significantly more amount of money on this war than the next biggest spender, Britain. I think Saagar said on Thursday they are at 1/15 of what the US has put down. Whats the explanation for the hawkishness in Europe and the more balanced conversation in the US and the fact that the US spends significantly more on the war? Thanks for everything you guys do you’re the best!