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China Brokered Saudi-Iran Diplomacy

A segment on this, please? It feels like big news, especially coupled with them trying to broker a peace deal in Ukraine. Love the show, keep it up!

Suggestion Box?

Where's a good place to put in suggestions, comments, requests, segment requests, etc. that are more related to the show in general. It seems that the AMA is not the best place for this. Love the show, just want to help any small way that I can. e.g. 1. Requesting a segment on the China brokered Saudi-Iran diplomacy 2. Fish-eye lens portrait + the skeptical expressions feels visually hokey for monologue thumbnails on YouTube. It makes me feel like I shouldn't click on the fringe-media, 'conspiratorial', Alex Jones type video in my feed.

Is too much of a good thing bad?

You both have talked about how good the internet has been for society with respect to access to information and the like. Given the link between social media and depression and the general availability and gravitation to negative news/content have we crossed the threshold of the internet is good into the internet is bad and how can this "badness" be mitigated without infringing on rights or relying on self control because apparently we don't have that.

Question about better voting

We always have both sides arguing about fair voting. Racist, hindering votes, not enough time, mail in voting, etc. Why doesn't the states just use more money to have the voting spots open from 8 am to 8 pm for a week. With EVERYONE's schedules everyone would get 1 day off a week to do down at their leisure? Why does it have to be just 1 day? Love the show

Recent banking system failure and importance of Crypto (Bitcoin)

Hello Saagar and Krystal, Does the recent bank run on SVB and Signature and how fast a bankrun can happen with a single tweet changed your mind at all about Crypto or Bitcoin? US sanctioning Russia a year ago has proved that dollar is not neutral money and global assets are divesting away from the US dollar including into crypto. While 99.9% of crypto is gambling, some are truly innovative and I think it will be more impactful than the internet maybe when it becomes much easier for normal humans to use, now the learning curve is too steep which makes it very easy to get scammed. Thank you, Brian