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Low interest rates hurt workers.

Thus far as the FED has been rising rates and the same asset holders that benefited from low rates have been crushed. Income inequality has shrunk. Although housing affordability is an issue…it was an issue previously due to corporate ownership of single family homes. Another sector that benefits from low rates. Do you see it possible that the complaints about the level of interest rates are overblown compared to who it is currently affecting (Financial Economy vs Real Economy)?

French Protests and Lack of Coverage

The protests in France over raising the retirement age are getting nearly no coverage on mainstream media in the United States, however; online there seems to be an abundance of bedrooms, pictures and interviews explaining the situation and why it is happening. Do you think the protests will ever get a mainstream spotlight, and what do you see the fallout being from the ongoing civil unrest?

TikTok Congressional Fallout

Although the congressional hearing was hopefully meant to illuminate the dangers of TikTok, of which there are some, I believe it brought to light the fact that we have Congressmen who have no idea how modern technology functions, and are hilariously unqualified to ask any questions on the topic. While I agree that TikTok is problematic, its dangers are also some of the same ones posed by other social media platforms. Millions of Americans use this app, most of them making up the younger demographic that helped Democrats take the White House. My question is two fold: One, do you see any way to vet the Congressmen and make sure that they are going to ask coherent questions that make sense to the subject matter? Two, do you think the Democratic Party realizes that banning TikTok would most assuredly hinder any political standing they have with the youth movement?

Potential for hiring article writers?

Hello! I have been a subscriber for a couple years now and remember the show notes which used to be sent to my email when a new episode aired. It was great!! I could not only listen to the segments, but could also read the points and easily click the cited sources. My question is if some form of written material kind of like the old show notes is on the BP radar? Respectfully, Will N

Left on Left Crimes

Can you guys talk about the phenomena of an angle of attack one can see of online "leftists" verbally attacking leftists like Briahna Joy Gray and Kyle Kulinski as not "actually" being left somehow? Is this just online chatter? Is it merely these individuals engage in conversation with people on the right—therefore this cadre on the left deems they have gone too far to be considered "true" leftist? Are there nuanced policy differences I don't see because I'm just a regular person who is not as deep in politics as these online extreme leftists? Thanks.