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This might be a bit simplistic, but is Desantis to Trump what Warren ended up being to Sanders leading up to 2020? these candidates are intelligent about issues that animate their base but lack crucial emotional appeal.

Smart phone ban for people under 18

It’s becoming quite clear that social media and smart phones in general are having an incredibly negative effect on young people. Should we ban smart phones for people under 18 years of age?

Covering good corporate actors

Saagar recently mentioned Costco in passing and it got me thinking. Here, we have an iconic American company that goes out of their way to provide their employees with pays and benefits above and beyond the industry norm. Not only that, instead of using the inflation as the pretext to hike up profit margins like everyone else, they chose to absorb some of the increased costs themselves. Obviously there are business reasons behind all this, i.e. they have a very low turnover rate of workers and its low price fosters loyalty from its customers. Be that as it may, it leads to satisfied workers and customers and the only ones unhappy in this arrangement seem to be the Wallstreet bankers complaining about their relatively low profit margins. So my question is why aren't companies like Costco often cited as an example in putting a lie to neoliberal pearl clutching over short term profits and that it is possible to run a successful yet ethical mega corporation? Shouldn't there be more focus on companies that not just talk the talk but walk the walk?

Old Desk Plans?

Hey guys love the show and been following you both since the early days of Rising. I remember with great fondness when Saagar was talking about how nice the new desk was going to be when you guys initially launched Breaking Points. With the new set and hearing that you guys are getting a new desk I was wondering what the plans are for the old desk? I personally think that if you are going to get rid of it I would like to buy segments of it as coasters with the breaking point symbol on it. I think that would be a great thing for your fans and personally I would love to have a breaking points coaster that I can put my breaking points cup on while I watch you guys in the morning before work. PS: Also tell Ryan he's wrong I like the brick look but of course I also love live comedy shows. Best of luck in all that's to come Chris Weir

Rob Desanctus?

Sagaar I love your point on Ron Desantis. I should start off saying that I am a leftist but I still think this point is important. Yesterday my partner who only follows movie news was talking to me about the disney infrastructure removal from florida. They were really invested in how much the govener of florida Rob Berhimgerer? Besanctus? Desanctus? messed up. I first thought it was hilarious but then I thought do any actual people know of Ron Desantis? I mean it’s kinda brutal but people KNOW Trump. I am curious on how Desantis gets ahead of Trump on his own narrative? and the same for RFK jr. and Marianne? Like most people kinda know about them but my Mother who was an avid reader of Marianne Williamson, didn’t even know she was running.