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Ukrainian Kill List

Are you guys jealous that Jimmy Dore, Aaron Mate, and Anya Parampil have all made it onto the Ukrainian kill list while you two, so far, have not? The list is hosted on a NATO server so it does have a certain cachet.

Vienna Public Housing

Krystal when reporting on Viennas public housing you left out that Austria has a 20 percent VAT as well as higher income tax rates than in the USA. Why didn’t you mention that in fairness?

Why does Saagar have a soft spot for Larry Elder?

What does that even mean? :)

HB1147 Texas Legislation

In Krystal’s coverage of Uvalde she mentioned Texas hasn’t done anything to reduce future mass shooting casualties in schools. That’s not exactly true, and what they have proposed is pretty gross - there will be “bleeding control stations” required in all public schools as well as mandated training for not only staff and faculty but all children in grade 3 and above. What implication do you think this will have on the mental health of our children? Link to legislation here:

Please address the elephant on the podcast!

Hi guys, I really hope you address the 10+ pages of AMA questions/ comments that are asking you to reflect on the issues with the RFK Jr interview. Please address this on the next AMA.