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Democratic polls 2024 math

If 80% of people don't want Biden to run again, why is he leading all the polls? Who could (and would want) to run against him? Can you name your favorites so we can encourage some more options!


Please refrain from using the Lord's name in vain repeatedly. I am a dedicated listener of your show, but this habit has been noticeable in every episode lately. I don't want to stop listening to your show. Krystal. I don't think your voice is annoying

RFK interview vaccine (respectful feedback)

Hi Kristal and Saggar, Big fan, please take this as constructive criticism. I respect both of your opinions. I agree with Kristal although I have not done enough research to be categorically opposed. In the future I think a few things to keep in mind: - if you want to ask how is he going to convince voters as a democrate that is opinion is fine, considering the minimum amount of time you had, go straight there instead of challenge that opinion. - because if you are challenging someone on one of their core beliefs, don't do it the last minutes, it looks like your are just trying to get your own point accross, looks panicking to get that point accross and lose credibility (think getting on CNN for the 2min sound bite, cringe). - you are loosing a lot of credibility by saying I done the research but cutting him right away when he push backs. Either you have done research by listening what he has said in the past and you are ready to go point by point or there is not point saying that you have done the research, your audience has not seen those other platform, has not done that research so it looks you are trying to plug a big gap with a few words. My suggestion would have been to formulate the question as: your opinion on vaccin goes against the general democrat voters view, how are you going to manage this? Keep yourself out of it except if you have the time to go point by point. Thanks a lot for the great content!

Reflection on Twitter vs Podcast delivery

It seems odd to hear your critical observations of the Twitter Desantis announcement when breaking points can’t deliver a link and upload to Apple podcast prior to 8:00 am PST on a daily basis to premium subscribers. Seems like you are throwing stones in a glass house. Why can’t we get early delivery in the Pacific Time zone?


Thank you for the journey, it was good while it lasted. Good luck and god bless.