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Dave Smith Comments about RFK

This question is for Krystal. Did you hear Dave Smith's comments about your debate with RFK about vaccines? What is your response to his concerns about how you handled this? I didn't think too much about it at the time, but I think he has a fair point about how you handled it. Huge fan of the show and both of you. I am a premium subscriber and breaking points is one of the few sources I trust. Saagar, I love your suits! Thanks Nick from CT


The RFK interview was not what I thought I was getting when I supported this channel. I'm quite disappointed in the steam rolling Krystal did on RFK. Krystal are you going to be as rude to your wedding officiant Marry Ann Williams?

Krystal needs to cool the vitriol

The RFK interview, Krystal's 5/25 monologue, Krystal has great topics but gets so vitriolic I get repulsed and ignore her good points. You shut Saagars rebuttal down JUST like the RFK interview, desperate to push your self-righteous claims. When you use vitriol and hate instead of well-thought points it appears foolish and unprofessional. I loved the show before Kyle came into the picture and literally posted several times asking if you're sleeping with him, because the vitriol he brought the show had rubbed off on you. Looks like I wasn't wrong. I suggest for your professional integrity you keep that vitriol at home, and bring back your well researched points/counterpoints. LOVE the show and hope ya'll continue to grow, I believe this could be a fab growth point that will draw more people in.

Interview Jack Carr

Is there any possibility of interviewing Jack Carr? His recent book Only the Dead covers many historical topics that we are currently dealing with today such as the war in Ukraine, JFK theories, military industrial complex, etc. The book also covers the American POW question of Vietnam which many Americans are unaware of. Seems like there is a lot of overlap with what you cover in Breaking Points.

Trump/Meatball Ron

This might be a really dumb question. Any chance Trump and Rob run together on the ticket? How might that impact the red prospects in a general election?