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Will Krystal respong to the RFK interview?

I love you guys but I thought I was watching a MSNBC interview. Just didn't seem like the standards Krystal and Sagaar have set for themselves.

nuclear energy

In your discussions with RFK Jr, would you please ask him to show you data showing the danger of nuclear power. Clearly there has been accidents in the US, Japan and Russia, however, there have been no lost of life from the accident at 3-Mile Island. The accident at Chernobyl was the most severe and maybe the worst that could possible occur and yet the number of persons that died was and will be small. Several agencies have shown nuclear to be safer than solar, gas or coal. The other reactors at Chernobyl continued to operate for about 10 years after the accident and there are presently people living there. You can find this information in the documentary film "Pandora's Promise" released in 2013. Also, Michael Shellenberger has several presentations at various TED meetings stating the safety of nuclear energy (, If RFK does follow the science and would change his mind if he were incorrect then these presentations should change his mind.

When is Brendan Ballou going to be on the show?

Started reading Plunder: Private Equity's Plan to Pillage America by Brendan Ballou. When will we see him on the show?

Engineer shortage and education

Sagaar's monolouge about electric cars got me thinking about. How can we get better trained engineers and developers to run factories and mines? Higher education has to be part of the answer. I know the education system has its flaws as well pointed out by this show. Would either of you support federal funding for universities be contingent on graduating a certain percentage of students to in need fields? Could solve a few problems, fill needs and MAYBE focus spending in schools and reduce waste. What are your thoughts?


Any chance we can get a full show on Friday, even if it's a brand new duo? I'd love to see the Friday segments added on to the Mon-Thurs shows and add in a regular Friday. Or, alternatively, the additional segments could be a Saturday release.