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ETs are here, but at the same time not all accounts are true...

Thank you for all that you both provide to us. This is not so much a question as an encouragement to continue to dive deeper into this subject. A deep dive is necessary to understand the subject and why and how it has been kept secret for 70+ years. Beware of the misinformation surrounding this subject. 95% of the information on the internet and among "UFOlogists" is misinformation, disinformation and, frankly, rubbish. Hold on to your skepticism throughout this journey. I have researched this for a decade and the only person I trust is Dr. Steven Greer and his associates. Fortunately, he was encouraged by Congress people who have been briefed on this subject to hold a disclosure conference at the National Press Club this coming Monday, June 12th, 2023 at 2:00 PM EST. Please do not miss this event. Just to be clear, I am not crazy. But, of course, you do not have to believe that. If you enter into this subject with others who are interested in disclosure as a sceptic with an open heart a whole, mind blowing and beautiful world will unfold for you. Please feel free to contact me or Dr. Greer or his associates. He has many books and movies. And he has just released a turning point movie this week: The Lost Century and How to Reclaim It. I could go on and on. But I will leave you with a friendly encouragement to step into this journey. Blessings!


Hi Guys! I have been with you as a premium member from the start. I am also a librarian, and I keep wondering if there is a link to the info you cite? I know you work really hard creating content everyday, but cash and time allowing, it would be awesome to have citations or links to articles and polls you use in your reporting. Do you think that could happen?

New Set

Congrats on the new set! I have one recommendation (as much as I love the personal touches) it adds a bit of clutter to a very streamlined design. Have you considered using digital frames to display book covers and photos of your influences? Just from a design perspective, when you are side by side in the interview, Saagar has a very large image behind him and Krystal has a shelf of books, it looks unbalanced and I know you are going for slick. I am really hoping--and I believe you can--build your platform to attract a lot of people. I honestly heard someone working on rights for reality actors mention you on a podcast the other day (a Bernie organizer who went on some reality dating show). Anyway, I get super excited when I hear other folks mention your show, and as much as I would listen to you if you came from your bedrooms like the guys on The Vanguard, for your purposes, I do think it would help to make sure your studio is super streamlined. Also, super bummer about Chomsky. I love that book. Excited for next week. Congrats!


As a producer and an audio engineer, I love a good fourth wall break! With the new set now would be as good of a time as ever! Would y’all take a moment to break the fourth wall and spotlight the awesome staff members or people behind the camera and editing who make Breaking Points happen?

Million Subscriber Live Stream?

How come you guys never live stream?! I think the million subscriber mark on YouTube would be a great time to do a live stream, and possibly open the door for a breaking news live stream! ie. If someone, god forbid, (*cough cough*) kicks the bucket, I think we all would be scrambling to hear what you have to say!