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Pro worker, but anti union

Hey Guys, Huge supporter of the show, primarily because it’s one of the only places you can get an honest discussion from several different sides of any topic. However, unions seem to be the one area where there is never any counterpoint. I’m personally pro workers’ rights, but personally find unions to be an antiquated and counterproductive concept. I would love to see a multifaceted debate around this issue, especially given how topical it is. Is that in the cards? Best, Joe


Have you considered inviting CEOs on your show to justify their pay increases vs regular workers? I want to hear in their words why they are worth so much more than their employees. Justify the value.


Joe. Unions are why we have a 5 day work week, 8 hour work days with overtime, Employer Health care and Paid Vacations. Just to name a few!

What does BP do to detect/avoid "MALIGN FOREIGN INFLUENCE"

Re: Appendix 4 from FINAL REPORT Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol As a heavily politics focused stream (which will be increasingly relied upon over the next year) - what are you doing to avoid propagating content that helps our enemies achieve their objectives? "The U.S. Intelligence Community’s definitive post-election assessment of foreign influence activities during the 2020 Presidential election concluded that Russia was deeply engaged in disinformation activities intended to influence the outcome by supporting President Trump while disparaging then-candidate Biden; Iran also engaged in efforts to influence the election’s outcome, but unlike Russia, did not actively promote any candidate; and that China considered opportunities to influence the election’s outcome, but ultimately decided that potential costs outweighed any foreseeable benefits. Both Russia and Iran worked to undermine the American public’s confidence in U.S. democratic processes and to deepen socio-political divisions in the United States" "More ascertainably, “[t]he growth of internet and social media use means foreign actors are more able to reach US audiences directly, while the tools for doing so are becoming more accessible.” The United States’ principal foreign adversaries—Russia, China, and Iran—all of them autocracies, engage, to varying degrees, in disguised efforts to influence U.S. public opinion. In the context of these overarching efforts, U.S. elections offer special opportunities."

New Mexico Gov constitution hater and local reactions

Krystal said she is interested what the local reaction of the New Mexico governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, aka the giant C***. I've lived in the Albuquerque area for 5 years. I feel like what reactions I've seen through social media, and my communication with different people around the state since my work takes me all around the state gives me a valid position when it comes to this ridiculousness. People were not shocked as she's been a consistent power grabber since Covid started. But because it's New Mexico, the national media doesn't give a shit and won't cover what happens here. I mean, we are only 5 electoral votes, so why would they waste their time. The majority of the comments on FB posts from the local news were either dismissive of her gross negligence for constitutional law, or outrage that she would do such a thing. A small percentage was in support of her actions. Even those that were in support were questioning the validity of her power grab. Within two days of the announcement, a federal judge put a restraining order on the act. My understanding (and please correct me if I'm wrong) is that a 30 day restraining order against the governor's order is to acquire enough legal standing so that they can shut this down without any ability for her to try this again through any avenue. However, based on the previous rulings you cited on Monday's show, it would seem that there is already sufficient legal standing that this was never going to happen anyway. Can you explain why a 30 day restraining order is the better option right now instead of a complete shutdown of this power-hungry bitch?